Fountain Of Youth

An exquisite & nourishing breast massage oil, made from the best quality organic ingredients.

Organic Ingredients With Great Benefits

A collaboration of research and intuition were used to hand-select the perfect balance of therapeutic oils, which boast multiple healing properties, for our massage oil blend.

Rejuvenate & Nourish Your Breasts

Designed to improve the appearance of scar tissue or stretch marks and reinvigorate the breasts post-surgery. Apply after breastfeeding to alleviate any dryness, soreness or cracked nipples. 

Luxurious & Unique

FOY breast oil is a hand-crafted combination of extraordinary organic oils, carefully selected for their therapeutic properties. We guarantee your breasts will feel sensational. Discover how nourishing and healing our breast oil is, for yourself.


All ingredients are guaranteed organic for guaranteed quality (apart from the frankincense, which is wild).

Eco Friendly

We pledge to be a completely ethical and sustainable business. We promote reducing, reusing, and recycling.


We believe nature creates the most superior products, and only use authentically natural ingredients.

NZ Wide Delivery System

We believe in sustainability as a core ethos for our business and reflect this in our packaging, which is recyclable carboard boxes.

We offer $6 shipping NZ wide. We can also ship to Australia for $15.

If you're international, send us an email and we can arrange to ship via courier.

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